Corona Virus Update
(For Glamping Please also see the bottom part of this page)
We are now taking bookings for after 4th July when we will be open.
Meanwhile we are working extremely hard to ensure your stay is a safe and enjoyable one, out in the open air with plenty of space to spread out.
We have installed a free to dial gate access system for the site.
No reception just book online, arrive and pitch!
We have also installed new hot water hand wash sinks with antibacterial soap both outside the showers and loos, and hand sanitisers at the washing up sinks, and bin area.
Replaced bins in shower rooms and wc’s with pedal bins.
The Toilet / Shower rooms are individual so if open you’ll not sharing space with others while using the facilities, we are stepping up cleaning of all our facilities, using Peritab, a hospital grade cleaning agent approved by the WHO organisation against Corona Virus having a log count 7 kills 99.99998% and has 24 hr lasting properties but is environmentally friendly and although it is not designed as such it is safe enough to be used as a hand sanitiser.
We will also be asking you to help all in a communal effort and clean and disinfect what you use before and after use whenever possible. (See Below).
We are also allowing a free utility tent pitch for either a loo or solar shower with all bookings, these are available to buy very cheaply on the Web, Amazon have them for under £50 complete with a loo, this further reduces risks avoiding the use of shared facilities, this could be a worthwhile addition to your camping trips this year and next.
We will be assisting in social distancing measures in line with Government requirements, we are providing space markings outside the showers and loos and the water and waste points for this purpose.
We will be asking all who stay to help us help keep us all safe with additional measures.
Use the gate access phone number (on final payment receipt) rather than the keypads as far as possible, and if the keypad needs to be used then you disinfect immediately before and after use.
Wash your hands!! Immediately before and after using any facilities, if you cough or sneeze, before or after eating, wash and dry your hands in accordance with government advise.
That you and your children maintain social distancing in accordance with government advise at all times, please remember this also if staying with friends.
Please bring an NHS approved hand sanitiser and always have them with you.
Please accompany all children to the toilets and other facilities and assist them in handwashing and social distancing procedures.
If you suspect you or anyone in your “Bubble” may have covid, advise Andy by phone or Text (Not in Person) Immediately stating which facilities you and any of your bubble have used, and if you have had close contact with others, Please self-isolate your whole family bubble immediately (off site if possible) in accordance with government advise. If you are too unwell to travel, then call NHS 111 and avoid all contact with others.
If you have missed your stay while not allowed to come up to the 4th July and wish to claim on your travel insurance please see our terms, if you are unable to claim, Please check availability on line and email us your new requested booking date, and we will look at reallocating the amount lost.
Our normal Terms and Conditions will continue to apply. Deposits are usually non-refundable but as a gesture of goodwill we are trying our best to allocate all payments to a future booking over the next 12 months.

Please see our terms and conditions pages.

In the current climate, we obviously have a very strict cleaning regime so for the safety of our cleaners and you our guests we are limiting some items we usually include in the glamping tents and also have removed the bedding option altogether, except in exceptional circumstances.
If you have a particular need do let us know and we will do our best to help out.
We will be asking you to bring bedding with you including a bottom sheet. (This is usually an option so please do not book bedding online, and we will contact you if you had a booking prior that included this)
We will ask that on your day of departure you strip all your own bedding and remove from the tent and take it with you.
We will also ask that you bag up our bottom sheets and throws in the bag provided and leave this just inside the tent door for easy early collection by our cleaners.
We ask that on departure you leave the tent doors and side flaps open (If the weather is dry), place all your rubbish from the bins into the lare bins in the yard.
We will be asking if possible that where at all possible you bring your own kitchen goods, plates, glasses, cups, knives, folks etc. We can provide limited essential kitchen goods if required, please just let us know by email with your name and booking ref no or pop a note in the booking.
Arrival and departure times will differ to our usual times to allow us the extra time for cleaning and disinfecting the tents. We will do our best to accommodate the usual times where we can.
We will only know this on the day of arrival / departure. So, if required please ask at that time, should you require this.

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